The book
Digital Printing
by Elements
Version: 2.0
Format: epub
Pages: ∼400
 ISBN 9786050323429
Massimo Cremagnani – Capitolouno
Published on September 22, 2021
English version

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What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing by Elements is the first text ever to present in a single edition any information useful for everyday use, for aesthetic understanding and for the countless professional purposes of every form of digital printing.
Among its pages, full of illustrations and practical diagrams, you'll find out when it was born, how many kinds of prints there are, how they work, what you can do and how to get the best out of each project.

Digital Printing is an Art,
the Graphic Art of the 21st century.

But it´s also a sophisticated technique rich in variables, tools and materials that deserves to be studied in depth.

But how can we explain art and technique in a single context, maintaining the creativity of the former and the precision of the latter? Easy: by creating a trait d'union between the scientific and human side of digital printing.

This goal was achieved thanks to the identification of the 5 Elements of Digital Printing, which allowed me to develop a unified theory intuitive and useful at all times.

The Elements of Digital Printing

The five Elements of Digital Printing: Image, Print Technology, Ink, Media and Finishing.

Their interaction allows you to create thousands of different products.


The book was in fact born with the intention of providing a complete and comprehensible overview of the vast world of digital printing.

  • Over the last twelve years I have collected technical information, following first hand the major vendors and the most active manufacturers.
  • I have experienced firsthand every aspect of digital printing, going even further than one might expect.
  • I participated in publications, forums and events in this area, experiencing great moments of growth but also diatribes and misunderstandings, often due to inadequate or, more simply, incomplete information.

Haste and superficiality are the psychic illnesses of the 20th century, and more than any other place they are reflected in the print media.

Aleksandr Solgenitsin

Unlike the resources available so far, which consist almost exclusively in monographic and self-referential technical manuals, Digital Printing by Elements deals with the topic as a whole, using an understandable language and directly comparing technologies and practical solutions so that the reader can interpret them subjectively according to his own needs and personal culture.

To this end the numerous illustrations and hierarchical schemes, analogies with other more usual technologies and process analysis "by elements", in which the only requisites required of the user are logic and the spirit of observation.

Digital Printing by Elements is not a technical manual or a treatise on computer graphics, but represents a more human, direct and understandable approach to the common practice of digital printing at any level. Using a proven teaching method, it allows the reader to become passionate, to identify himself and to deepen every aspect of digital printing according to his needs and culture, providing precise notions to be interpreted according to his sensibility and background.

Short list of contents:

  • - A bit of history of digital printing
  • - How to prepare files for each kind of project
  • - The relevance of predicting the observation point
  • - How many printer types exist
  • - How to deal with new technologies without fear
  • - How to handle different image types
  • - What happens inside the printers and why
  • - The inks for every purpose
  • - How to print each type of material
  • - Print finishing methods
  • - Web links and glossary

To whom it is addressed

The book is mainly aimed at university and para university students of graphic design, communication and marketing, with an emphasis on the different solutions available and the creativity inherent in each of them.

By extension, the text is suitable for a wider audience:

Graphic designers and publishers, to optimize their graphic projects according to the final result

Managers and entrepreneurs, who must choose and produce the image and promotion for their business

Photographers and artists, to understand and select the best reproduction process for their work

Professional printers and their collaborators, to identify the tools best suited to their target and optimize operations

Finally, this book can be useful to the common man to know and appreciate (or despise) all those printed images that surround him every day and in all circumstances.

Digital Printing by Elements
is available in the best online libraries in epub format.

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