Slide Defrag

Optimization of the human brain through the union of similar neurons


Digital art

Conceptual artwork: application of computer tools to the human brain.

A Defrag is a function for hard disk drive optimization.
It helps to reduce the fragmentation of files present in a disk, restructuring their allocation and ensuring that each file is stored in a single block, allowing you to drastically reduce access and reading time.

Years ago disks were very small and slow. To save resources we had to start this process several times, a service that now takes place in the background.
And we stood there watching it...

The ideal would be to apply the same principle to ideas, or more specifically to neurons.
Pieces of ideas are scattered around the brain, difficult to focus.
Neural connections sometimes get tangled, duplicate, conflict.

With a nice cerebral defrag we can eliminate all inconsistencies, bringing together similar ideas or their fragments and putting them back in order.

The risk is to exceed with simplification, and therefore lose all the nuances of personality, until you get to a binary mind.
Just like a computer.

 Year: 2000

 Size: 40×30 cm each

 Technique: Digital printing on panel (4 pcs)

 Status: Available

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